Dancehall Music.

What Is Dancehall Music?

Dancehall Music was a more sparse version of one drop roots reggae musical style, which had dominated much of the 1970s.The music got its name after the Jamaican dancehalls in which popular Jamaican recordings of different types of reggae, roots rockers, lover rock,and deejay tunes, Dancehall then could have been anywhere or anyplace, most of the times times dancehall also known as Lawn keep in mind dancehall/lawn where a bit different from those in the inner city like in Kingston would have been tempory make shift stuctures either made from Bamboo,roof zinc to inclose a particular area.A fully funcitioing dancehall/lawn would have a kitchen and a bar, music would be played by local sound systems,local records producers . Sound systems such as the Great Sebastian which was claim to be the first Jamaican sound system, many more sound system evolove in the following years after, why is call a Lawn ? inner ctiy music venue could have been anywhere although it was prodominantly in someones frontyard or backyard In the early 1980s, digital instrumentation change the sound considerably, with digital sounds dancehall becoming increasingly characterized by faster rhythms.the dancehall culture makes a different shift