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Buggie Productions

Buggie Productions is a renowned Music producer and record label from the shores of Jamaica. This record label has built a reputation over the years for their unmatched ability. To transform concepts into chart-topping hits with many singles and Latest Reggae Music credits to its name.

Buggie Productions has worked

With a long list of artists including. Mad Cobra, Luciano, Nitty-Kutchie, Preditor. Not to mention Norris Man, and Freddie Mcgregor. New and upcoming artist in the likes of Relevant and  Robbyn Goode and of course many more young talents. Together with Turbulance, Perfect Giddmani. Bennie Man, Gyptian, Sizzla, as well as Anthony B. Fanton Mojah and many more. moreover Anthony B and Bennie Man work constantly with Buggie Productions over the years. Some of the hits produced by Buggie Prod include Lukie D’s I Don’t Want To Fight No More. Sizzla’s Do It To Me Baby.  Ruff N Tuff,  Run Things, Dirty Heart Riddim together with Heaven Help Us Riddim and many more. The composes, records and mixes done by Buggie Prod have greatly helped to shape reggae and dancehall music industry. Including customs songs commonly know as dubplates that play a pivotal part in the Sound System World

Driven by a strong passion

For reggae and dancehall music, Buggie Productions is committed to remaining the most sought after production label in Jamaica. Buggie Prod is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned when it comes to reggae and dancehall music production.

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