Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal Pascutboy

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Marshal Campbell Professional goes by Fire Marshal or Pascutboy, from The Mighty Travellers the Big Bad soundsystem from out of Jamrock he has been around, and in the Dancehall Reggae Music Business from the 1990s while he was still at tending high school. He started out as the one who wiped records and gave it to one of the lead DJs/Selectors for musical mixing helping thing cruise along smoothly while the soundsystem plays nightly sessions , this was a learning stage for Fire.When he got is Muscial Crown to be one of the ace selectors on the Mighty Travellers Soundsystem.He  then got his chance to tour the world to showcase and put his musical ingenuity to work entertaining music fans, playing Dancehall and Reggae Music. Now that he is with TBN Reggae Radio he will be taking his musical skills to