Sound system and Dancehall
What Is Dancehall Music.And where was this Genre of Dancehall Music originated
Dancehall Music,is a popular Jamaican music genre, with its originated stright from the origanal Dance Hall back late 1970s to early1980s, dancehalls then was where popular and local Jamaican recordings were played commercially by local Sound System owners and Selectors,Some of the frist sound systems to operate in jamaica were sound-systems like the Great Sebastian,Duke Reid,Coxsone,these were some of the some of the vangaurds, dancehall music at that time was a more sparse version than the reggae roots aka ragga sounds, which was a more dominant music pirior. Dancehall Music and soundsystem continued to gain in popularity to this day, sound system evole from all conner of jamaica.Some rural sound-systems like Jack Ruby,Echo Vabration,Taurus,dance-hall sound-system continues to be very infuential which in terms spread all over the world, Espicially in England , Canada, and USA, Sound Systems like Saxon SoundStation,king Stur Gav, Down Beat Killamanjaro, King Jammys and many more, with all these sound systems came a host of new singers and Dee jays/rappers who had to do live gigs on the sound systems, in the mids 1980s digital instruments help change the sound considerably the riddims /rhythms now were a bit faster,artist became more creative and start doing more recordings.
Clash Dance
late 1980 to early 1990s the the Dancehall music make a next shift less and less artist start to appear around Sound-systems this was the era of Dub plates known as special records even though dubplates had been in use by the first sound system operater but competiom became more fierce, some of the sound system who opp in this drection Road Star, Inner City, Stone Love,Metro Media, just to name a few,not one part Jamaica was without a Sound-system, with so many sounds oroperating they had to prove who is best just like sound system did back in the earlier days, but this time sound-systems had to be in the same venue, lawn/dance-hall and had to take terms playing, the patrons would choose the winner, in the earlier days no two sound systems would play in the same venue at the same time, they prove by seeing who could pull a bigger crowd at the venues that the session took place ,it was still a form of competition.Todays DJs?.

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