Keith Blake is professionally known as Keith from Killamanjaro Sound System. Keith was born and raised in Trench Town, Kingston Jamaica.  Home of the great musical legend Bob Marley.  The community of Trench Town which is rich with musical talent leading to Keith’s love for music. The passionate Keith had for music Keith  joined a local marching band as a drummer and bugler after he moved to Spanish town when he was still a teenager.  While he was in the marching band   he was introduced to “Great Ricky Trooper(See full Interview here) back in the early 1990s after Trooper got his break as the top Selector for Killamanjaro   

Keith and Trooper became good friends short while after Trooper got Keith a job with Killamanjaro, Keith starting out lifting speakers boxes,and record box and   amplifier duties. Before long Keith start making rounds with Trooper daily, mainly dealing with artists making custom songs /dub plates. After a few years working with Trooper, Keith was exposed to how the sound systems world operates. Moving from strength to strength he became very impressive, he then start to travel  overseas with Killamanjaro sounds systems. He left Jaro with Trooper who departed to start his own sound system business called Sound Trooper. (See full Interview)  Around 2010 Keith left Sound Trooper when he got a joint partnership deal with a club owner in Jamaica.

Now known as  Supakeith, he will now put his musical skill on display with TBN Reggae Radio.  So sit back and enjoy the sounds of Supakeith.