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Madu Ellis aka Faada Sojie Reggae Radio Station

Madu Ellis aka Faada Sojie. Born in Yallahs St. Thomas Jamaica.   After graduating High School I served in the Jamaica Defence Force for seven years.   I have always been addicted to music and sound systems.   I First put a record on a turntable at age 7 and got the opportunity to experience dancehall at age 10.   At that tender age I had good memory for music and was always able to tell what song was played and at what time.   I could tell the producer of a song just by listening to the drums.  I always knew that I would own a sound system.   I always describe Yallahs St. Thomas as the capital for sound systems and dancehall culture.

In 1984 I migrated to Bristol UK where I pursued a career in Youth and Community Development.   I also qualified as a Journalist and Afrikan History Tutor.   My love of music enabled me to form Qualitex Sound System in 1986.   I have always managed to mix profession with my love for music.   I have played in several countries across Europe, America and Afrika with the highlight of my career being 1993 when I played in my place of birth.

My sound is based in Bristol UK and we have now developed the business by making sound systems from our factory based in the same city.  Over the past 20 years I have mentored a number of people who have gone on to become household names.   I am also a partner in a sound and PA system based in Gambia West Afrika.   I have been a radio presenter for over 20 years and is part of Ujima Radio based in Bristol UK.  It is the biggest black radio station in the South West of England.