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Keith Blake is professionally known as Keith from Killamanjaro Sound System. Keith was born and raised in Trench Town, Kingston Jamaica.

Home of the great musical legend Bob Marley. The community of Trench Town which is rich with musical talent leading to Keith love for music.

The passionate Keith had for music Keith  joined a local marching band as a drummer and bugler after he moved to Spanish town when he was still a teenager.

While he was in the marching band he was introduced to Great Ricky Trooper (See full Interview here) back in the early 1990s after Trooper got his break as the top Selector for Killamanjaro

Keith and Trooper became good friends short while after Trooper got Keith a job with Killamanjaro, Keith starting out lifting speakers boxes,and record box and   amplifier duties.

Before long Keith start making rounds with Trooper daily,

mainly dealing with artists making custom songs /dub plates. After a few years working with Trooper, Keith was exposed to how the sound systems world operates.

Moving from strength to strength he became very impressive, he then start to travel overseas with Killamanjaro sounds systems.

He left Jaro with Trooper who departed to start his own sound system business called Sound Trooper.

(See full Interview) Around 2010 Keith left Sound Trooper when he got a joint partnership deal with a club owner in Jamaica.

Now known as  Supakeith, he will now put his musical skill on display with TBN Reggae Radio. So sit back and enjoy the sounds of Supakeith.


DJ wanted

J B know as Dj Wanted

DJ Wanted Dancehall Mix Master

DJ Wanted is located in Jamaica from the parish St Elizabeth Middle Quarters. CLICK FOR MORE
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DJ Wanted is located in Jamaica from the parish St Elizabeth,this DJ is also known as one of  the best Dj. from western Jamaica

Wanted does not only make mixtape  but also he does music producing

His first project was Bright shooting star With 5 artist released on Feb 1,2019 Simple Cool Voice on Bright Shooting Star Riddim with the song Overcome has official music video on YouTube.

His second project was an Afrobeat instrumental featuring a female artist from Africa known as fire queen the song tittle This time was released on May 10,2019 Dj wanted last project Black Diamond riddim was produce by him and Monster Records from Guyana Six artist was on this riddim featuring:

One of Dj Wanted Project was released on September 6 2019.this projects are available on every selling store an streaming sites.


Freddie Krueger

Music Producer /Selector /DJ

Freddie Krueger

Freddie Krueger is one of the best Jamaican selectors who needs no introduction in dancehall reggae. CLICK FOR MORE

Freddie Krueger Tbn Reggae Radio Station



Freddie Krueger is one of the best Jamaican selectors who needs no introduction in dancehall reggae. The former spinner for the mighty Kilimanjaro Sound System is one

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Jah Power Sound

Sound Owner / Selector

Jah Power Sound

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                                                                                Jah Jah Power Sound


Jah Power Sound was founded in 1996 by Jahlwa & Ossboss in Vienna/Austria and was

the first Soundsystem which took Reggaeculture in Austria to another level.

Inspired by Jamaican Bashments Jah Power promoted their first Dances from

1996-2000 called Bashment Extravaganza

Next to regular Dances they promoted 1999 the first Dancehallqueencontest in Vienna

and repeated it from year to year til 2007

From 2000 – 2012 they played many dances with many big artists like Freddy McGregor,

Capleton, Gentleman, Lutan Fyah, Ward 21, Anthony b., Max Romeo and the list goes

on and on all over Europe

2012 Ossboss left the Sound. Jahlwa started a regular Radioshow called “Jahlwa

blazing“ on Raggakings Radio

Since 2016 Jah Power started to promote a small family festival at one of the most

beautiful Places in Austria called “IRIE IN THE WOODS“

In 2017 JAH POWER teamed up with the Juicy Crew, One of the biggest HipHop Crews

of Vienna, and they started up together HIP HOP vs DANCEHALL. A very successful

bashment series

Since 2019 Jahlwa started to play on RobboRanxRadio the biggest Reggaeradiostation

in Europe

For bookings send an email to or dm on instagram Jahlwa


Ricky Trooper

Music Producer / Performance

Ricky Trooper

The World Greatest Sound System Selector CLICK FOR MORE

Ricky Trooper | Reggae Radio Station |reggae station | Reggae internet radio |reggae songs |reggae chartsRicky Trooper Tbn Reggae Radio Station


Born in St. Mary Jamaica, Ricky Trooper is a veteran reggae and dancehall sound selector.

His journey in dancehall reggae began when has was eight years old when he moved to Spanish Town,

where the owner of Coptic Hi Power introduced him to his first sound system.

Actually, Copey- the owner of Coptic Hi Power mentored him on the art of dancehall reggae sound clash.

He started out his deejaying career at the mighty Kilamanjaro where he worked alongside the likes of Pap San, Ninja Man, Lecturer, and Bunny General. Â

It’s at Kilamanjaro Sound System where he showcased his mastery of selecting hence earning him the nickname “The Killing Machine.”

He then moved to Volume One and later came to own his sound system called Ultimate Touch. He currently one of the top sound system/selectors in the dancehall crush.

Trooper has had an illustrious career in reggae and dancehall music.

The world knows him as a skilled sound killing machine. He left a mark in the dancehall reggae genre with his sound clashing mastery.

Many consider him a living legend when it comes to making great dub plates.

Ricky Trooper worked with top sounds including Kilimanjaro Sound System, Metro Media, Bass Odyssey, and many more.

Ricky Trooper is truly one of those Jamaican selectors who given the sound a fresh flavor.

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Thank You For Supporting Our Music Station ! Our Dj/Selectors Are Highly Motivated, Showing Much Gratitude And Optimism In Their Line Of Work. By People Like You  And Your Contributions, Blessing Flow.

Reggae stations in Jamaica and across the world have contributed significantly to the spread of reggae and dancehall music in different parts of the world. Even when the popularity of reggae was plummeting as R&B music seemed to take over, reggae stations played a huge role in maintaining its popularity.
Reggae stations have a massive influence on reggae music in terms of helping new reggae artists get discovered, and renowned reggae artists remain in the limelight. Reggae stations are also among the most reliable sources for new reggae music discovery. Unlike in the past, reggae stations have devised new ways to deliver reggae-related content to listeners, thanks to the ever-growing technology. Notably, most reggae stations stream their programs online, allowing internet users to enjoy their favorite music and take part in conversations. Some of the popular reggae stations in Jamaica include Power FM, RJR 94 FM, Fame FM, Gospel JA FM, and many more.

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Reggae radio station

Reggae and Dancehall what is this genre? it’s  a  popular Jamaica music genre

Without doubt it started out in Jamaica between the late 1950s and 960s this music quickly emerged as Jamaica’s most popular style of music.

As the 1970s progressed, reggae music had crossed borders to become an international roots rocking style hitting the airwaves in the United States, Britain, Africa, and other continents.

Initially, reggae music was considered to be the voice of the downtrodden in Jamaican society.

This music is a expression of struggle,pain and emotion, and shows a pathway for hope for the oppressed.

the term reggae is actually derived from a Jamaican slang word “rege-rege,” which means “rags” or “ragged clothing” and likely refers to a raggedy style of music.

The reggae genre, which employs a heavy back beat rhythm, is an evolution of the contemporary

Jamaican ska music and Rock steady musical styles.

Music producers such as Coxsone Dodd and Duke Reid slowed the energetic rhythms of ska to create a new sound, which later evolved into reggae music. This genre is distinct with its heavy use of Jamaican vernacular, syncopated beat, and African drumming style Dancehall and reggae settings.

Dancehall and reggae Reggae music received international acclaim particularly when Jimmy Cliff- a Jamaican reggae artist, produced a socio-political movie called “ The Harder They Come,” which featured an electrifying reggae soundtrack.

The movie coupled with the soundtrack, drew global attention to reggae music, and that’s how Bob Marley rose to become a renowned reggae superstar. read more about Dancehall and reggae music here.








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